What We Do

Advancing Robotics Through Software

Expertise from Experience

Our unique combination of skills and experience places Tomahawk Robotics as a true "honest broker" of UxV capabilities.  Additionally, this provides confidence to our customers that our recommended path is a reliable one that will pay dividends as expected. Our focus enables rapid integration of the latest robotic capabilities with the assurances that our open architecture approach prevents vendor lock while offering an uninhibited upgrade path for new applications.


We start with your problem, your requirements, and your expertise on the job that needs to be done.  Next, we'll consider various options, from platforms to sensors, from all the leading technology providers to arrive at a solution that meets your unique needs, performance and budget.  Finally, we will integrate the final design with our control software, Kinesis, to provide a streamlined solution that is flexible to adapt with you as your needs and requirements change.

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Our Solutions

UxV control software (Kinesis)
Intuitive handheld controllers (Mimic)
AI/ML edge processors (KxM)
Complete "turn-key" solutions

Our Expertise

System design (prototype to fielded)
Solution optimization (cost & performance)
Integration & test (qual & validation)
Solution delivery (training & support)

What We Leverage

COTS OCU hardware (desktop to mobile)
COTS platforms (air/ground)
Open architectures (ROS/IOP/MAVLink)

Customer Benefits

Kinesis is multi-domain (air/ground) command & control software suite for UxVs that provides the foundation for your robotic systems. We combine Kinesis with COTS hardware and sensors to give our customers an affordable solution that meets their needs rapidly. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced cost & schedule (rapid deployment)
  • Improved lifecycle (training/upgrades)
  • No vendor lock (expanded capability set)

This approach yields a tailored system, powered by a cross-platform user interface, with capabilities that address your specific enterprise needs. Add this to the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that your system is flexible to address evolving needs because it's built ROS, the international standard for robotics open architecture. ROS is constantly being improved and enhanced by a growing community of robotics engineers that are developing new capabilities and products daily.  Your Kinesis/ROS-based system can take advantage of all these advancements in the most cost-effective way possible.