A Brief History of UAV Technology

Following 9/11, the United States set itself apart with its enthusiastic exploration of military application of drone technology. Innovation in robotic sensors and the ever-growing sophistication of robotic programming have redefined how the U.S. military pursues multi-domain operations, entering a new era of security and defense. Whether laboratory research or geopolitical tensions, the proliferation of unmanned vehicles is attributed to many factors. From reconnaissance balloons during World War I to robotic control systems, here is a brief history of UAV technology.

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8 Ways UAVs Improve Efficiency for Energy and Infrastructure Industries

While the idea of pairing the mobility of a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with the mapping method of photogrammetry is not particularly new, dwindling costs of drone technology have helped generate a renewed interest within the private sector. Engineering companies around the world are embracing UAV technology to redefine the way inspections, mapping, and surveying can be achieved. Elevating accuracy, cost efficiency, and operational workflows – UAVs are disrupting fields that range from wind turbine maintenance to potential terrorist threats. As companies like Tomahawk Robotics have helped establish UAVs as a formidable enterprise solution, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the ways UAVs improve efficiency for energy and infrastructure industries.

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How Energy and Infrastructure Industries are Using UAVs

A curious pattern emerged in late May, as sobering images surfaced of the tornado damage sustained in Southwest Ohio: aerial footage of the impacted neighborhoods permeated the news. As demand grows for substantial data in realtime, especially in circumstances which are punctuated by dangerous terrains, materials, or weather.  UxV control solutions, such as Kinesis Enterprise, equip users to remotely assess and navigate remote facilities and terrains through cloud connectivity, intuitive controls, and multi-domain unmanned systems.

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