Tomahawk Robotics and FLYMOTION Partner to Bring Enterprise Class Robotic Control Solutions to the Public Safety Market

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Tomahawk Robotics, an innovator of robotic control technologies, is partnering with FLYMOTION, the leading provider of Public Safety UAS solutions and services, to bring Kinesis to the public safety market.

Tomahawk Robotics’ UxV control system, Kinesis, enables unified command and control of unmanned systems regardless of the vendor or mobility domain. From robotic systems in the air, ground or water, Kinesis enables seamless control of the platforms and payloads in an intuitive way. Additionally, data gathered from one platform can be shared across the network to augment multi-domain autonomy capabilities of heterogenous fleets while improving the information delivered to the user.
“We’ve developed a great relationship with FLYMOTION, and we are truly excited to partner with an organization so knowledgeable with the public safety mission and market” said Brad Truesdell, CEO of Tomahawk Robotics. “Kinesis will simplify the use of robotic systems, reduce training costs and minimize the time required to deploy unmanned systems by public safety organizations.”
A core element of the Kinesis software stack is the ability to work across different UxV platforms and payloads. This ability drastically reduces integration costs of new capabilities and custom systems. Public safety organizations can now leverage emerging state-of-the-art technologies, such as AI and machine learning algorithms, and deploy them efficiently.
“Common control enables a signification reduction of both user training and user error, ultimately producing a safer, more efficient working environment,” said Ryan English, CEO of FLYMOTION. “This partnership allows for Kinesis products, specifically Kinesis Mobile and Mimic, to be leveraged by the public safety market. The combination will undoubtedly help public safety professionals accomplish their missions more efficiently without compromising safety.”
Tomahawk Robotics is a market leader and innovator of robotic control solutions serving Security & Defense, Energy & Infrastructure, and Assistive Robotics markets. Tomahawk Robotics is committed to driving enterprise adoption of robotics by reducing cost and making robotic systems easier to use through intuitive, user-centric design. Tomahawk’s Kinesis product line is a collaborative, one-to-many control system, enables users to seamlessly manipulate their environment from across the room or around the world.
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FLYMOTION was founded in early 2014 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. FLYMOTION has quickly become one of the most recognized, end to end UAS solution companies providing
sales, system integration, training, consulting, counter UAS, command & control vehicles (C4ISR) and personnel for all types of projects and missions. Their executive, engineering and creative teams engulf themselves in the artistry of innovative technology and never stop thinking about how to further improve the current industry or introduce visionary concepts. FLYMOTION provides solutions and services to local, state, federal agencies, defense and more.
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