Tomahawk Robotics’ Intuitive Control Software: Kinesis

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The range of applications for unmanned systems (UxV) technologies has grown dramatically over the last two decades. Use has shifted from the exclusive domain of the military to becoming a resource used by enterprise-level clients. At Tomahawk, we are powering this growth by taking advantage of a number of technology advancements such as edge computing, low-cost capable sensors and the internet-of-things (IoT) to enable intuitive, effective and efficient robotic control. Our goal is to empower users to improve the safety and efficiency of their operations via affordable robotic solutions. Our Kinesis robotic control software is doing just that by enabling the rapid and efficient deployment of robotic systems.

Assistive Robotics

The application of unmanned system technologies are extremely varied but there are common threads that tie together disparate industries and individuals.  The primary value is “usefulness.” For too long many robotic applications have been nothing more than expensive remote controlled “toys.” At Tomahawk, we are leveraging our experience in building and deploying real-world systems to improve the usefulness of a range of robotic use cases via our control software called Kinesis.

As an extension of the user, Kinesis can be used to augment the capabilities of a traditional powered wheelchair user through intuitive robotic manipulation. It is estimated that over 6.5% of the American population is affected by ambulatory disabilities. The cost of care is significant and we are proud to offer an affordable, tech-based resource to aid wheelchair users. Enhancing the dexterity, mobility, and overall independence of the user can transform their lives through increased independence.

Security and Defense

You don’t need to be a 3-star General to understand that minute-by-minute information is vital. If this is true for things like news, voter precinct polls, and web analytics, how much more so for the battlefield? In the 21st century theater of war, the collection and analysis of real-time information are imperative. The use of Kinesis in security and defense application improves end users ability to effectively manage robotic systems and distribute the information created by these systems as a natural extension of the squads which rely on them.

Energy and Infrastructure

Remote facility monitoring can be risky, timely, and expensive. Kinesis facilitates safe and intuitive control of unmanned systems that are tasked with navigating and monitoring these hazardous worksites. Improving the ability to conduct advanced inspections and facility monitoring tasks via unmanned systems provides a tremendous opportunity to improve worker safety and the precision of the data collected. The end result is increased productivity and loss prevention.

Kinesis: Our Control Software in Action

Open architecture-based control software that is extensible across multiple domains of UxV systems provides the opportunity to more effectively address a range of tasks while reducing costs. Kinesis was built explicitly for this purpose. For more information, visit our website at

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