Tactical Nano UAS (nUAS)

SparrowHawk - Tomahawk Robotics in Partnership with FLYMOTION

Tomahawk Robotics has integrated the Kinesis UxV control solution with the DJI Mavic Mini to create a tactical nUAS called SparrowHawk that combines the benefits of a non-attributable nUAS platform with the cyber security and whitelisting capability inherent to the Kinesis UxV control system. The result is a secure, low-cost, COTS-based system that outperforms custom-built alternatives across the board, lightens the soldier’s load, and works seamlessly with the Kinesis UxV ecosystem – extending capabilities and mission effectiveness.

SparrowHawk Overview

The SparrowHawk system delivers unmatched performance, ease-of-use and flexibility by leveraging state-of-the-art nano UAS technology and pairing it with the most intuitive and extensible UxV control system available, Kinesis. The SparrowHawk system is designed to integrate with an operator’s current ecosystem of tactical tools, such as ATAK and team radios.

Kinesis Mobile is an Android-based app that runs on all operator end-user devices (EUDs).  When coupled with Mimic, an inertial-based one-handed controller, users can operate all the latest air and ground UxV systems with the smallest, lightest tactical footprint yet conceived or built.

SparrowHawk leverages the rapid advances in commercial drone technology and wraps it in a secure, compact, lightweight, and MOLLE/VIRTUS compatible soldier kit.    The nUAS itself is a non-attributable DJI Mavic Mini that is whitelisted by Kinesis for easy integration into the tactical network battlespace awareness apps (i.e. ATAK, Nett Warrior, DSA) from the smartphone-based controller. SparrowHawk connects to Kinesis securely via the ruggedized datalink, MxC‐S™, which whitelists all data “sent to” and “received from” the drone.


  • Leverage widely available, low-cost and non-attributable COTS sUAS
  • Enhances security – enables integration with tactical networks and ATAK
  • Fully integrated with the Kinesis common UxV control system


  • Small UAS class features at nano scale – 3 axis camera gimbal, autonomy, etc.
  • Fully integrated solider ISR system – powered from standard USB chargers
  • Return to operator’s real-time location or a predefined launch point
Available now as a "ready to deploy" kit.

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