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Intuitive, Secure Robotics for Public Safety

Police and Fire Rescue organizations have been adopting robotic systems to aid the execution of the range of public safety operations. This includes use by highly specialized EOD users to the application of UAVs for search and rescue operations. To make these operations more effective, safe and cost-effective robotic systems need to be easier to use and have the ability to address a broader range of use cases.

Tomahawk Robotics is delivering this capability to customers today through the Kinesis™ product family. Kinesis provides a common control solution that is agnostic to robotic hardware, communications hardware, or even the specific end-user device (EUD).

The result is a secure, low-cost, common control system that outperforms custom-built alternatives across the board, lightens operator load, and works seamlessly with existing robotic systems and tactical equipment.


The figure above illustrates a team equipped with an EOD robot and a sUAS for area reconnaissance. The police unit is connected over a tactical radio network (i.e. Persistent Systems MPU5) with TAK enabled end-user devices (EUDs).

TAK allows all team members to communicate, call for various support elements and view the data from the sUAS platform. The Kinesis product family (Kinesis Mobile app, Kinesis TAK plugin, sUAS MxC and KxM) extends the existing tactical equipment of the team to enable:

  • Common control of sUAS, UAS and UGV from the Kinesis Mobile app (runs on existing Android-based EUDs)
  • Full UxV fleet sensor and telemetry distribution to entire team via Kinesis TAK plugin
  • AI/ML edge processing for real-time video analytics from all UxV platforms via KxM and broadcast over TAK
  • Reduced cost and through reuse of EUDs for common control

Why Tomahawk Robotics?

Tomahawk Robotics is focused on providing a platform agnostic control solution. We recognize that the dynamic environment you operate in requires a range of robotic systems to safely accomplish the job. We are opening up the ability to use these robotic systems efficiently, effectively and safely with your current set of tactical tools.

The Kinesis product family addresses a range of important challenges for our law enforcement and public safety customers.  Kinesis offers a low-cost, highly portable, easy-to-use software-based UxV/robotic control system that works across common air and ground platforms. Kinesis integrates with all current law enforcement tools such as EUDs, comms, TAK, etc.


  • No longer have to carry multiple controls for dissimilar systems
  • Integrates with current ecosystem of tactical tools – EUDs, tactical radios, TAK, etc.
  • Mimic is an intuitive, one-handed spatial controller that augments Kinesis Mobile to simplify control of robotic vehicles and payloads (i.e. sensors or manipulators)
  • MxC enables nano and micro class UxVs (systems too small to carry a tactical radio) to be securely integrated into the Kinesis ecosystem and the broader tactical network via 4G/LTE streaming to EUDs or Kinesis TAK plugin


  • Train to a single human machine interface (HMI) for all UxV systems on the most intuitive control system available
  • Interoperability across commonly deployed systems – improve the versatility of your investment with inherent future proof benefits of open architecture solutions
  • Reduce your equipment load out - one EUD for all your control system needs and TAK integration
  • Integrated simulation capability enables low cost and pre-mission training/planning to improve operations 

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