Samsung Electronics and Tomahawk Robotics Announce Partnership to Bring Kinesis™ to the New Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition Smartphone

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Samsung Electronics and Tomahawk Robotics, an unmanned common control systems company, are partnering to provide a combined offering of the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition smartphone and Tomahawk Robotics’ Kinesis. Kinesis is a highly intuitive, versatile, and secure common control system for mobile, field-deployed robotic platforms.

To realize the full potential of the military’s use of tactical robotic systems, it is imperative that operators control robotic platforms from an intuitive, affordable, highly portable ground control station. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 TE combined with Tomahawk Robotics’ Kinesis universal command and control software provides this capability for the DOD’s major robotics programs of record, such as SMET, CRS-I, and SRR.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Samsung,” said Brad Truesdell, CEO, Tomahawk Robotics. “Samsung and Tomahawk Robotics combined offering is extremely well-positioned as a low SWAP, low-cost solution for robotic command and control, that brings immediate interoperability with a number of major military robotic PORs.”

Building on the demonstrated desire of the US DOD to leverage commercial solutions for the tactical space as evidenced by the Nett Warrior program, Tomahawk and Samsung are uniquely positioned to provide the lightest weight, most capable universal command and control solution for tactical unmanned systems. As a COTS solution, Kinesis running on Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition smartphones deliver faster fielding and more flexibility for warfighters – a solution that provides front line troops with greater situational awareness and intuitive, common control in the most uncontrollable situations.