5 Top Resources for ROS Integration Challenges

A massive database of resources, repositories, and methods, ROS (Robot Operating System) is the lingua franca of the robotics world. Industry experts and amateurs alike rely on ROS to support robot programming across varying platforms. From basic exercises at coding camps for beginners to enterprise solutions such as Kinesis from Tomahawk Robotics, countless products are built on its architecture. And as an open-source framework, its libraries and resources grow daily.

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Primer for ROS Deployment

As discussed in A Brief Introduction to ROS, ROS is not actually an operating system, but a service-oriented architecture that operates as a framework for communication between the components necessary to run robot software. ROS is invaluable because of its applicability to hardware, device drivers, communication, and data analysis. Robotic systems built with ROS involves complex interactions between several devices through processes called nodes, and ROS is the key to connecting and running those nodes.

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