Tomahawk Robotics

Tomahawk Robotics

Tomahawk Robotics has focused on helping our customers looking to employ unmanned systems and robotics in a couple of key areas. First, our team has tremendous experience in all aspects of unmanned systems across commercial and defense applications. This has enabled us to have broad visibility into the latest technologies and capabilities that are new to the market with an experienced assessment on how these solutions perform in the real world. Secondly, we have directed our internal product development efforts to address the market gap of intuitive common control solutions for multi-domain (i.e. UAS and UGV) unmanned systems. These strengths are coupled with our decades of systems integration expertise to effectively deliver optimal solutions for our customers.

What Does the Future of Robotics Look Like?

What Does the Future of Robotics Look Like

A retrospective analysis of robotics technology over the last decade would show dichotomy-shifting changes in the ways the role of such technology is seen in everyday life, their practical applications, and their ever-evolving capabilities. As we approach the 2020’s, robots are hardly the dystopia-causing overlords that we were cautioned about in the 20th century – instead, they have permeated the fields of medicine, energy, and countless more, challenging traditional methods; while providing pathways to innovative solutions. With its counterparts, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic programming also growing in sophistication, we wanted to offer a glimpse of what the future of robots might look like.

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The Difference Between Robotics and Artificial Intelligence


Austria vs. Australia, astronomy vs. astrology, Matthew McConaughey vs. that other guy in “Sweet Home Alabama.”So close — but not really. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are suffering the same fate as Gemini’s hoping to foresee their future by watching Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos.” While Robotics and AI are often associated with one another, these two fields originate from entirely different disciplines. Read on to learn how companies like Tomahawk Robotics are leveraging these two different, yet complementary, technologies to solve important problems.

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