Enterprise Class UxV Control Solutions

Kinesis Family


Robotic IoT Software

An intuitive gesture-based control system unifying UAS/UGVs for unmatched multi-domain collaboration.  Kinesis was designed from the ground up for ease-of-use to enable true one-to-many operation of an entire fleet of unmanned systems from an interface common across all your devices.

Kinesis Product Family

The Kinesis family of products enables the adoption of robotic solutions, with plug and play platform upgrades, that address specific operational requirements while reducing the need for custom solutions.



Mimic, a spatial input device, is an essential accessory for the Kinesis ecosystem enabling intuitive control of all UxVs and payloads as simply as moving your hand.



KxM provides UxV users the ability to rapidly integrate the latest sensors and capabilities with an embedded AI engine for powerful computation at the edge.



The IxM is a bolt-on solution that leverages the Army’s RAS-IOP architecture to expand the capabilities of existing UGVs with modular payloads.