Common Control Solutions for Unmanned Systems

Kinesis™ Product Family

Tomahawk Robotics is proud to offer the Kinesis product family for industrial, security, and defense users.  Kinesis is a complete common control system, optimized for the user, to make execution more efficient and productive. It starts with our novel, intuitive user interface which consists of Kinesis Mobile (Android App) and Mimic (handheld spatial controller) and is built out with Kinesis Embedded (the unique cross-architecture software to convert leading "proprietary" UxVs to full interoperability).

The Kinesis common control network is backed up by additional capability expansions such as our AI/ML edge processor, called KxM, to unlock the latest technology developments in real-time video analytics and deep learning applications. We are building an ecosystem of AI/ML partners to enable the deployment of these advanced capabilities with the click of a button.

Read on to learn more about Kinesis and how you can get the most out of your current UxV fleet. Don't have an existing UxV system but want to get started? Scroll down to learn more about our complete turn-key solutions as well. Kinesis scales across all use cases and is flexible to grow with your needs as requirements change.

Kinesis Family

Kinesis UxV Control Software

An intuitive gesture-based control system unifying UAS/UGVs for unmatched multi-domain collaboration.  Kinesis was designed from the ground up for ease-of-use to enable true one-to-many operation of an entire fleet of unmanned systems from an interface common across all your devices.

Mimic™ - Spatial Input Device


Mimic, a spatial input device, is an essential accessory for the Kinesis ecosystem enabling intuitive control of all UxVs and payloads as simply as moving your hand.

KxM™ - AI/ML Edge Processor


KxM provides UxV users the ability to rapidly integrate the latest sensors and capabilities with an embedded AI engine for powerful computation at the edge.

MxC™ - Nano/Micro UxV Controllers


MxC enables nano and micro class UxVs to be securely integrated into the Kinesis ecosystem and the broader tactical network via the Kinesis ATAK plugin.

Quick Start Turn-key Systems

Tomahawk Robotics has partnered with the leading suppliers of UxV systems to provide a complete, turn-key solution for industrial, security and defense users.  Current solutions are built around DJI's Mavic family of UAVs but check back later for additional offerings.

SparrowHawk™ - Tactical nUAS

SparrowHawk Overview

Tomahawk Robotics has partnered with FLYMOTION to integrate the Kinesis UxV control system with DJI's Mavic Mini nUAS.  The result is SparrowHawk.  SparrowHawk is a low-cost, secure nUAS that integrates with existing tactical networks and TAK/ATAK.

Raptor™ - Tactical sUAS

Raptor Overview

Tomahawk Robotics has partnered with FLYMOTION to integrate the Kinesis UxV control system with DJI's Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.  The result is Raptor, a low-cost, secure sUAS that integrates with existing tactical networks and TAK/ATAK.