Family of Nano/Micro UxV Datalinks

MxC - Rugged & Secure

Tomahawk Robotics has integrated the Kinesis UxV control system with the leading nano and micro class UAVs, from both the commercial and defense markets, to create a suite of personal ISR solutions that can be easily tailored to the mission at hand.  Pick your UAS platform, strap the corresponding MxC to your kit and deploy with the knowledge that your personal ISR system is secure and integrated across the tactical network – providing a revolutionary advantage to you and your team.


MxC enables nano and micro class UxVs to be securely integrated into the Kinesis ecosystem and the broader tactical network via the Kinesis ATAK plugin.

MxC is optimized for platforms that are far too small to carry their own tactical/team radio.  With MxC, UxVs that traditionally would be considered "one-off" are now fully integrated into the tactical tools already employed by operators.

One of the most powerful features of MxC is the integrated cyber/IA hardening that “whitelists” all network traffic, ensuring a secure integration of even commercial nUAS into the tactical network.

MxC supports both commercial platforms, such as the DJI Mavic family of UAS, and leading defense UAS from FLIR, DefendTex and program of record systems such as SRR. In all cases, the MxC family has the same “ins” and “outs” and the same physical package – meaning determining which nUAS is appropriate for the mission is as easy as quick swap of the MxC box itself.

For  both commercial and defense nUAS, syncing to a spare platform is as simple as pressing a button. No need to manage “matched” radios or other methods historically used for small scale UxVs.

Key Features


  • Fully integrated with Kinesis software
  • Secure commercial/defense nUAS
  • ATAK networked via Kinesis plugin
  • Internal battery charged via USB-C
  • Sync with spare nUAS is seconds
  • Common size and interconnects

Supported nUAS/sUAS Platforms

  • DJI Mavic Mini - SparrowHawk
  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual - Raptor
  • US Army SRR Microhard (coming soon)
  • DefendTex D40 (coming soon)

Integrate & secure your nano/micro UxV system today!