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Enterprise Class UxV Control

Tomahawk Robotics has decades of experience building remote robotic systems. From this foundation, we’ve developed Kinesis, the world’s first robotic IoT (internet of things) control system for enterprise customers.


Solution Overview

Kinesis Family

Intuitive interface redefines ease-of-use with seamless autonomy/tele-op

Unified UAS/UGV control enabling unmatched multi-domain collaboration

Intuitive gesture-based control system built from the ground up for portability

Fully ROS compliant architecture with integrated support for IOP payloads

Optimized user interface variants:

  • Kinesis Assist (1-to-1)
  • Kinesis Mobile (1-to-many)
  • Kinesis Enterprise (infrastructure)

Kinesis makes incorporating robotics into your workflow easy, both for autonomous and teleoperated applications, with a common interface shared across your work station and mobile devices.

Conceived as a robotics extension to IoT, Kinesis enables true collaboration of multidomain (air/ground/maritime) unmanned systems. Solve problems larger than the sum of robotic “parts” with UAS/UGV teaming. Upgrade to the newest commercial robotic technologies with ease.

Built on the ROS architecture, Kinesis simplifies the integration of unmanned systems technologies with support for 4G/LTE or mesh network communications. System monitoring, software updates, and account management are accessible from the cloud-based dashboard. Cloud access augments edge processing to unlock deep learning and custom analytics.

Eliminate your deployment costs and execution efficiency barriers with Kinesis.

Kinesis Variants

FeaturesKinesis AssistKinesis MobileKinesis Enterprise
Control Single Mobile Platform xxx
Control Single Manipulator xxx
Display Single Video Stream xxx
Android/iOS Mobile App Interface xxx
Control Multiple Agents, Sensors and Manipulators xx
Health Monitoring for Multiple Agents xx
Simultaneous Video Streams from Multiple Agents xx
Kinesis Mimic Supportxx
ATAK Plugin Integration xx
UE4 Simulationxx
2D/3D Mapsxx
Mission Planningxx
Xbox Gamepad Controller Support x
Windows 10 Tablet/Desktop x
Advanced Fleet Mission Planning  x
Cloud Connectivity (AWS RoboMaker) x
Fleet Management and Analytics x

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