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Intuitive, Cost Effective Solutions for Harsh Environments

Industrial companies are actively exploring opportunities to leverage unmanned systems to improve worker safety, reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Front line workers can now leverage these technologies to remove themselves from dull, dangerous, and dirty situations. Despite their best efforts to introduce unmanned systems and the significant benefits associated with those systems, companies have been conservative in their adoption of robotic solutions. Today, most UxV applications include a single robot with a single purpose using a bespoke control system. Each application requires intensive training and requires the company to invest in a robot that may see low utilization rates due to the limited application of the robot.

To allow companies to accelerate adoption of robotics and capitalize on the benefits, Tomahawk Robotics has developed the Kinesis product family. Kinesis provides an intuitive, common control solution that is agnostic to robotic hardware, communications hardware, or even the specific end user device (EUD). Adopting Kinesis enterprise-wide will lead to significantly accelerated adoption times, lower training costs, improved effectiveness, and increased robot utilization.

Kinesis is a secure, low-cost, common control system that outperforms custom-built alternatives across the board with the smallest footprint available. Kinesis works seamlessly with a multitude of platforms (UAS, UGV, manipulators), a variety of messaging architectures (i.e. ROS, MAVLink, proprietary), and allows the integration of AI/ML algorithms on the edge to further assist the operator. The result are unmanned systems that are another tool for the front line work force, eliminating the need for robotic operating specialist.

Industrial Robotics Command and Control

The figure above provides an example of how Kinesis can facilitate remote asset inspection. In this example, a commercially available UAS has been augmented with Kinesis and modular payloads to enable precision data collection and methane gas detection via the plug and play capabilities of Kinesis.  Kinesis can also support more complex implementations, such as UAS and UGV robots conducting daily rounds, intermittent inspections or emergency response.

The Kinesis product family (Kinesis Mobile app, Mimic, KxM) enables:

  • Common control of UAS and UGV from the Kinesis Mobile app (runs on existing Android-based EUDs)
  • AI/ML edge processing for real-time video analytics from all UxV platforms via KxM
  • Efficient and tailored data capture for enterprise use
  • Reduced cost through reuse of EUDs for common control

Why Tomahawk Robotics?

Tomahawk Robotics is focused on providing platform agnostic control solutions. We recognize that the dynamic environment you operate in requires a range of tools and support equipment. We are creating the ability to use robotic as you would other tools - safely, efficiently and effectively.


  • Kinesis enables the efficient integration of the robotic ecosystem (controls, sensors, comms, and edge computing) necessary to enable effective robotic solutions.
  • Kinesis robotic control software is a multi-vendor, multi-domain, intuitive, low cost, highly portable robotic control solution.
  • A single operator with one controller can operate a UAV, a UGV, or a manipulator to accomplish tasks that are much more difficult or impossible using single platforms alone.
  • Mimic is a low cost easy to use one-handed controller that can accompany Kinesis to combine intuitive gesture control with haptic cues (i.e. vibro-tactile feedback) that allows front line workers to effectively and safely control UxVs.
  • KxM enables simple integration of enhanced navigation, communication, sensors and edge computing capabilities with the flexibility to adapt to future enterprise needs.


  • The Kinesis family is a low-cost, highly portable, easy to use software-based common UxV/robotic control system that works across all common air and ground platforms
  • Train to a single human machine interface (HMI) for all UxV systems on the most intuitive control system available
  • Interoperability across commonly deployed systems – improve the versatility of your investment with inherent future proof benefits of open architecture solutions
  • Extend and upgrade existing systems with AI/ML capabilities
  • Eliminates security concerns of UAVs built outside of US including the underlying components of the UAV. Allows customer to use lower-cost vendors

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