What is Enterprise Robotics?

It’s an unfortunate reality in the world of robotics, how misconceptions often overshadow the development and research of such technologies. Where robotics were once tethered to military applications, then adopted the identity of tackling the “dull, dirty, and dangerous” jobs – it’s understandable why small and medium-sized companies don’t see the potential for compatibility in their workflow. The misconception that robotics are limited to these areas, however, have created a delayed embrace from enterprise markets. Robotic solutions are evolving at breakneck speed, and are targeting areas such as customer service, shipping and delivery, hospitality, and so much more – helping define a new era of enterprise robotics.

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Enterprise Robotics 101: A Look at Kinesis

It’s understandable to associate robotics with the industrial military-industrial era, or the manufacturing world, given its historic roots in both fields. Robots, after all, come with the connotation of factories, plants, or unmanned vehicles in the theater of war. However, as hardware components such as sensors and mechanical parts dwindle in prices, and as the capabilities of autonomous systems exponentially expand, the path to robots for enterprises seems inevitable. Everyday innovations in programming and applications for robotics become headlines, the invitation for enterprise-level customers to incorporate robotics into their workflow becomes clearer. Anticipating such a moment, Tomahawk Robotics developed the world’s first robotic Internet of Things (IoT) control systems for enterprise customers – Kinesis. 

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Enterprise Robotics 101: A Look at the Mimic Spatial Controller

Two key moments are intersecting right now in the history of robotics. First – robots are increasingly growing in their capabilities, applications, and sophistication. Second – the wide acceptance of robots in the commercial markets have made them commonplace in society, often integrated so seamlessly they can easily be overlooked. This intersection is shaping the relationship between humans and machines that will create new possibilities for enterprise solutions.

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