Driven to Lead Through Innovation

Product Design Approach

The backbone of any useful robotic solution is predicated on user-centric design, intuitive control methods and the thoughtful application of AI and machine learning technologies.

The field of robotics and unmanned systems (UxVs) is crowded with a seemingly ever-changing set of new platforms, capabilities and new "architectures" that promise to solve all your problems. In reality, many of these solutions come with a healthy set of trade-offs and compromises that need to be factored in to deploy UxVs as effective tools to drive productivity and mission success.

Because of these challenges Tomahawk Robotics has focused on helping our customers looking to employ unmanned systems and robotics in a couple of key areas. First, our team has tremendous experience in all aspects of unmanned systems across commercial and defense applications. This has enabled us to have broad visibility into the latest technologies and capabilities that are new to the market with an experienced assessment on how these solutions perform in the real world. Secondly, we have directed our internal product development efforts to address the market gap of intuitive common control solutions for multi-domain (i.e. UAS and UGV) unmanned systems. These strengths are coupled with our decades of systems integration expertise to effectively deliver optimal solutions for our customers.

User Experience

The usefulness of any product is disproportionately linked to its ease-of-use.  At Tomahawk, our passion is making exceptionally intuitive products driven by our user-centric design approach.


Our focus is creating safe robotic solutions optimized for deployment in the real world with hardware and software that is robust to dynamic environmental challenges.


We are committed to breaking the barriers of robotic technology accessibility, the principle cause being price.  Our team is relentlessly innovating and always searching for alternative approaches while optimizing on performance to deliver customer solutions with the highest value.


Create safe, useful and affordable solutions that improve our customers lives and businesses.


Employ user-centric design to develop robots that empower and enhance human capabilities.


Integrity and respect for our customers, partners, employees and communities.

Team Leadership


Brad Truesdell

Chief Executive Officer

Brad is a results-driven professional with 20 years of proven leadership and management success. Over the course of Brad’s professional career he has held numerous leadership roles in sales and product development.


Matt Summer

Chief Technology Officer

Matt is a proven innovator with almost 20 years of robotics design experience.  He has successfully fielded UxVs and holds several dozen patents.  Matt focuses his efforts on team leadership, system architecture and product design.


Scott Bowman

Director of Engineering

Scott has over a decade of experience designing, building and testing electro-mechanical systems in the field of aerial and ground robotics.  Scott specializes in embedded electronics, software, control systems, and integration.

Tomahawk Robotics is a market leader and innovator of robotic control solutions serving industrial, security and defense markets. Tomahawk Robotics is committed to driving enterprise adoption of robotics by reducing cost and making robotic systems easier to use through intuitive, user-centric design. Tomahawk’s Kinesis product line is a collaborative, one-to-many control system, enabling users to seamlessly interact with remote environments from across the room or around the world.

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