Considering Augmenting Your Workforce with Unmanned Systems? Read This First

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The proliferation of workflows in which robotics and artificial intelligence intersect has elevated human performance, intelligence gathering, and data analysis. Unmanned systems have become vital in the 21st century in order to engage the dullest, dirtiest, and most dangerous tasks, not to mention military operations. While computers were once regarded with skepticism and apprehension, no one can imagine an industry today that hasn’t been redefined by their power. 

If you are experiencing similar hesitation in regards to incorporating unmanned systems into your workforce, consider the following: what specific needs does your organization have, what problems are you wanting to solve, and consider the solutions that companies like Tomahawk Robotics offer in order to unify and augment workflows. 

Assess Your Needs

As a stakeholder, you have a responsibility to establish a thorough understanding of your team’s needs and of technologies that could optimize their performance. In order to make informed decisions, it is in your best interest to clearly define the problems you want to solve, or areas of your workflow that you want to enhance, research solutions for these problems and consult subject area experts in the process. 

Unmanned systems intersect the best of human decision making, technological innovations, and strategic solutions. If your organization or team has any interest in unmanned solutions that mitigate human safety risks, decreasing operational costs, and increasing the efficiency of data collection and analysis, then we would strongly encourage you to research solutions that can address these needs. 

What Unmanned Systems Can Do for Your Workflow

Speaking on the use of drones in surveillance, Ben Knight says “Every military specialist agrees that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, are the future of warfare.”

Given the tactical nature of military operations, it has become vital to develop and integrate solutions that elevate a team’s ability to respond to rapid changes in behavior within a volatile environment. The unparalleled ability of drones to efficiently and accurately gather data would prove to be an asset in regards to situational awareness and decision making.

Central to the popularity of unmanned systems, despite what the name implies, is the value they provide to people. In the way that eyeglasses are not an alternative to eyeballs or a crutch to a leg, unmanned vehicles do not eliminate the need for boots on the ground, they function as an extension to them. Drones equipped with mobile sensors gather data and send it via wireless networks in order to optimize human decision making. 

Robotic Solutions for Security and Defense

Disrupting the Enterprise Robotics industry, a field still in its infancy, Tomahawk Robotics identified key issues when incorporating unmanned vehicles into a workflow, and as a result, created Kinesis

Simplifying the process of incorporating UGV’s and UAV’s into a workflow, Kinesis enables collaboration between unmanned systems, whether on land, sea, or air. An intuitive interface relying on simple gesture-based controls, Kinesis’ cloud-based dashboard offers users a singular platform to manage multi-domain systems while supporting deep learning and custom analytics. To learn more about Kinesis, visit

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