Robotics Simplified™


Robotics Simplified™

Kinesis™ - Common Control for Unmanned Systems

Introducing the Kinesis product family, the next step in wearable, multi-domain robotic control systems for all your unmanned systems (UxVs). Kinesis is a unified command and control system for remote robotic systems and UxVs operating in the real world. From robotic systems in the air, ground or water, Kinesis unlocks common control of platforms and payloads in an intuitive way - enabling users to interact with remote environments from across the room or around the world.

Kinesis is an Android-based app that runs on all end-user devices (EUDs), such as smartphones or tablets. When coupled with Mimic™, an inertial-based one-handed controller, users can seamlessly operate all the latest air and ground UxV systems with the most intuitive and most portable control system on the market.

  • Intuitive, one-to-many control
  • Novel handheld, inertial-based spatial input device
  • Growing library of supported UxV platforms and payloads
  • Fully supports ROS, RAS-G IOP, MAVLink and STANAG-4586

The Kinesis product family supports users across the industrial, security and defense verticals.  These groups have similar demands: intuitive to use in high-stress conditions, rugged for all-weather, portable to justify deploying and priced for affordability. Kinesis addresses all these pain points while extending the capabilities of your existing UxV investments. Click below to learn more about how Kinesis can support your workflow and mission needs.

Industrial Users

Industrial Overview

Security & Defense Users

Security & Defense Overview

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We are on a mission to democratize robotics. From intuitive user interfaces to plug and play interoperability solutions - we are driving a fundamentally different approach to robotics that disrupts the current cost equation of adoption and deployment.

Market Segments We Serve

Tomahawk Robotics is proud to serve our customers who work in the most demanding conditions.  From the heat of oil fields to the "on duty" reliability required by first responders to the environmental abuse tactical operators endure daily, Tomahawk Robotics has your back.  Reach out to discuss your mission needs - we're here for you!

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Safely monitor and operate remote facilities, automate repetitive high-risk tasks all while providing enhanced productivity and increased worker safety.

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Reduce training costs and improve user proficiency with the most intuitive UxV control system available with integrated mission planning and simulation tool sets.

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Unlock true multi-domain collaboration of unmanned systems and easily integrate with existing mission equipment, such as ATAK, while minimizing solider burden.

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